Legendary Wizard Armor in Diablo Immortal is the best quality Armor you can wear, and it has powerful bonuses unique to it. Some of these bonuses are defensive, while others are offensive, and mixing and matching these Legendary Wizard Armor pieces allows for some great BuildsLegendary Wizard Armor can be further empowered using Gems if they have sockets, and can also be further upgraded through a new system called item ranks. Legendary Armors drop at rank 0, and can be raised up to rank 20 by visiting the Blacksmith and spending the necessary crafting materials. Each additional rank adds stats to the Armor, and Legendary Armor possess an additional benefit called Bonus Attributes. You can also reforge your armor by using a Reforge Stone to fine-tune it for your build.

Quality and Bonuses

In Diablo Immortal, Armor have different qualities, from Normal (white), Magic (blue), Rare (yellow) to Legendary (orange), and their bonuses are determined by the Prefixes and Suffixes, aside from the legendary armors. Set items will not be in Diablo Immortal.

Some armor can be further empowered using Gems if they have sockets. Rare and Legendary armor can also be further upgraded through a new system called item ranks. Rare (yellow) armor drop at rank 0, and can be raised up to rank 5 by visiting the appropriate Crafters and spending the necessary crafting materials. Each additional rank adds stats to the armor. Legendary armor can have a rank of up to 20, and they possess an additional benefit called Bonus Attributes.

Legendary Armors

Legendary Armor is the best type of armor you can wear, as it either provides different bonuses to different skills or completely alter the skill itself. Some of these armors provide offensive or defensive bonuses. All legendary armors have sockets, and therefore, can be further empowered by using Gems. Legendary Armors drop at rank 0, and can be raised up to rank 20 by visiting the Blacksmith and spending the necessary Crafting Materials. Each additional rank adds stats to the Armor, and Legendary Armor possess an additional benefit called Bonus Attributes. Legendary Armors can also be reforged to change or add modifiers by using a Reforge Stone.

Ranks and Reforging

Any single legendary item has a maximum item rank of 20. Ranking an item up to 6, 11, and 16 adds a Bonus Attribute to the item. These special affixes are rolled from a pool of six different groups. Once an item reaches rank 6, you can reforge it. Reforging allows you to reroll the Bonus Attributes of a Legendary item to fine-tune it for your build. You reforge items either with a normal Reforge Stone, which you can discover through gameplay, or with a specialized Reforge Stone, which you can purchase and use for a less random reroll of the item's properties.

Class Specific Armors

Diablo Immortal features 6 Classes and each class can only equip their respective types of armor and cannot equip armor that belongs to a different class. Listed below are the 6 types of classes:

  • Barbarian - Savage warriors who protect their sacred ancestral lands with brutal melee attacks, unleashing their undying rage on the demontic horde. An aggressive class that specializes in Melee and Physical attacks, relying on brute force.
  • Crusader - Unbending champions of faith who rely on holy magic and heavy armor to withstand attacks, while vanquishing demonic foes with blazing fire and blinding light.
  • Demon Hunter - Relentless vigilantes who wreak vengeance on the demonic horde with an arsenal of arrows, explosives, and mechanisms, while moving constantly out of reach of their foes.
  • Monk - Sacred martial artists who channel divine energy into powerful melee attacks, rapid movement on the battlefield, and wards that protect themselves and their allies
  • Necromancer - Master of life and death who harvest the power of the dead, tormenting their enemies wth skeletal minions and dark magic.
  • Wizard - Renegade spellcasters who channel channel arcane energy into powerful combinations of magic that manipulate and destroy their foes.

Visit the Classes page to learn more about the different strengths, weaknesses, skills, and other detailed information regarding the different classes.


All Legendary Wizard Armor in Diablo Immortal



Quick Search of All Legendary Wizard Armor 




Armor Effect/s

Cowl of Arcane Truths Head 1

Scorch now launches an Arcane Orb that explodes when activated again or when it expires, damaging all nearby enemies. Damage and explosion radius grow as it travels.

Cowl of the Abyss Head 1

Black Hole radius increased by 20%.

Lyan's Resonant Wisdom Head 1

Teleport now conjures a lightning cloud at your destination, dealing damage to all nearby enemies over 2.5 seconds.

Mask of Illusions Head 1

Teleport now causes you to become invisible and leave behind a mirror image.

Memory of Xiaoyu Head 1

Scorch now conjures four Flaming Orbs that orbit around you and explode when they strike enemies, damaging and Burning all nearby enemies.

Vaetia's Resourceful Coutenance Head 1

Scorch now launches an Electric Orb that stops travelling when it strikes the first enemy, and then continually Electrocutes and Stuns nearby enemies.

Vision of the Frozen Path Head 1

Scorch now launches a Frozen Orb that continually damages nearby enemies and Chills them.

Angmar's Repulsive Burden Shoulders 1

Scorch will now knock enemies away.

Arcane Intensifiers Shoulders 1

Disintegrate will fire a stringer instantaneous beam after a short delay.

Pads of Protections Shoulders 1

Disintegrate now fractures into a short-ranged cone.

Phoenix Mantle Shoulders 1

Scorch radius increased by 20%.

Rime Mantle Shoulders 1

Enemies killed by Ray of Frost will shatter, dealing damage to all nearby enemies and inflicting Chill.

Searing Judgement Shoulders 1

Disintegrate now channels Fire, Burning enemies for additional damage over time.

Shoulders of the Cataclysm Shoulders 1

Meteor damage increased by 10%.

Ellora's Fevor Torso 1

Lightning Nova now hurls balls of Burning fire.

Frostreaver's Garments Torso 1

Ice Crystal now summons a Freezing Crystal that inflicts greater damage over time and a stacking Chill.

Kyn's Cyromantle Torso 1

Ray of Frost now unleashes a stronger instantaneous beam after a short delay, damaging and freezing all enemies in its path.

Regalia of the Archmage Torso 1

Lightning Nova now hurls balls of Immobilizing Arcane energy.

Robes of the Avalanche Torso 1

Ray of Frost now channels a blizzard around you, continually damaging and Chilling nearby enemies.

Starcaller's Drapery Torso 1

Meteor radius increased by 20%.

Zann Esu Elemental Weave Torso 1

Lightning Nova now hurls balls of Chilling Ice.

Chaos Nexus Legs 1

Disintegrate channels up to 3 additional beams at nearby enemies, each continually dealing damage.

Frostwalkers Legs 1

Meteor now summons an Icy Meteor, dealing damage and covering the area with Ice that deals additional damage and Chills enemies.

Galebringer's Leggings Legs 1

Increases Arcane Wind damage by 10%.

Kavil's Grand Revelation Legs 1

Enemies killed by Disintegrate will explode, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.

Riftdancer's Stride Legs 1

Teleport now targets a location where it also damages all nearby enemies.

Starcaller's Breeches Legs 1

Meteor now continually damages enemies in an area, but no longer Stuns.

Time-Warped Cloth Legs 1

Teleport can now be recast, transporting you back to your original location.


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