Leg Armor in Diablo Immortal









Screaming Fury         Merciless Assault: Furious Charge now charges to a location, damaging all nearby enemies and knocking them into the air. 1
Determination         Empowered Charge: Furious Charge can now be charged up to increase its range and damage. 1
Rockspike         Empowered Stomp: Ground Stomp now affects all nearby enemies and can be charged to increase range and damage. 1
Starcaller's Breeches         Meteor Shower: Meteor now deals continual damage in an area, but no longer Stuns. 1
Kavil's Grand Revelation         Enemies killed by Disintegrate will explode, dealing XXX damage to all nearby enemies. 1
Juggernaut's Plan         Gangway: Sprint now causes you to run continuously, knocking away and damaging enemies in your path. 1
Frostwalkers         Ice Meteor: Meteor now summons an icy meteor, dealing dmage and covering the area with icy that deals additional damage and Chills enemies. 1
Riftdancer's Stride         Displacement: Teleport now targets a location where it also damages all nearby enemies. 1
Chaos Nexus         Disintegrate channels up to 3 additional beams at nearby enemies, each continually dealing 171 damage. 1
Companion's Melody         Mystic Allies duration increased by 25%. 1
Path of the Storm         Cyclone Strike also temporarily reduces all damage you take by 20%. 1
Isolation's Path         Imprisoned Fist maximum charges increased by 1. 1
Tiger's Flight         Flaming Tornado: Flying kick now generates a flaming tornado that damages enemies in its path. 1
Chastising Radiance         Wave of Light damage increased by 10%. 1
Coff's Unrelenting Fury         During Vengeance, each Primary attack launches 2 rockets that each deal 433 damage to a nearby target. 1
Inescapable Predator         Frost Trap: Knife Trap becomes Frost Trap, damaging and Chilling enemies when it explodes. 1
Master Alchemist's Faulds         Gas Bomb: Smoke Screen instead throws a gas bomb at a location, continually damaging all nearby enemies. 1
Jayn's Silent Retribution         All your attacks will be critical hits for a few seconds after Smoke Screen's concealment ends. 1


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