Karawan’s Catch

Rank 1



POWER: ???


Sweep Attack now consumes energy to continually damage all nearby enemies while you move.

Legendary Gem Socket

Karawan’s Catch is one of the Legendary Crusader Weapons in Diablo Immortal. Legendary Crusader Weapons have Legendary properties that are unique, and they can only be used by those playing as a Crusader. Legendary Weapons can be upgraded at the Blacksmith, and can also be socketed with Legendary Gems.



Karawan’s Catch Information

  • Legendary Weapon Type: Crusader
  • Weapon Slot: Main Hand
  • Max Rank: 20
  • Dropped From: ???


Builds That Use Karawan’s Catch

  • Build 1 goes here
  • Build 2 goes here
  • Build 3 goes here


Karawan’s Catch Notes & Tips

  • Notes on Karawan’s Catch go here
  • Tips on Karawan’s Catch go here
  • Karawan’s Catch changes per Rank



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