Immortals is a Faction in Diablo Immortal. It the second out of the three available Factions in the game which goes from AdventurersShadows and Immortals. Joining Factions grants players access to exclusive features and events such as a Dark Clan. In order to join a Dark Clan, you must first join the Shadows. This can only be achieved if players had been successfully chosen during the Shadow Lottery. The Immortals Faction is limited to 300 members at a time per server, this includes three Clans. Both Adventurers and Shadows have no limit to the faction capacity. Although each Clan can only hold 100 members at a time. 


Immortals in Diablo Immortal

How do you join the Immortals? 

In order to become immortal, a clan would need to reach one of the top 10 Dark Houses after joining the Shadow Faction, this means starting with a Dark Clan, an additional feature that can be activated at any time. The new ultimate goal will be taking down the Immortals and replacing them as immortals.

As a part of the Shadow faction, they must compete and progress through their Planning and Gathering stages. Clans must be active and participate in events and complete quests and contracts. These quests are exclusive to the Shadows along with the Path of Blood. This will allow them to Rank up. Being a part of the top 10 will allow clans to participate in the Rite of Exile & the Challenge of the Immortal. 

Shadows faction must also get through the stages past Planning, Gathering till the Show down. Once the Shadow Clan makes their way to the 8v8 battles and wins the majority, they will be able to take part in the Rite of Exile. 

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Should the Shadow Clan win, they will be the new immortals along with two ally Shadow Clans that can join them. With 100 members per clan, this means there are up to 300 total Immortals in a server at a time. 

As an immortal, the other Shadow Clan's progress continues, and their new goal is to protect their title as Immortals. 


Immortals Menu

On your Immortals menu, you will be able to view information on your reign, how many weeks you've been reigning, your title and rank, weekly status including weekly ranking and prestige, weekly rewards and contribution  rewards. 



Maintaining Immortal Status

In order to maintain your faction, players of the clan must actively participate in Immortal exclusive events and defend their position against progressing Shadows. The Immortal quest and events include:

  • A New Recruit
  • Immortal Vault
  • Kion's Ordeal
  • Rite of Exile
  • A True Immortal

As an Immoratal, you will have a set of Daily Goals that can be viewed from the menu. Complete these tasks regularly to keep the distance from the Shadows. 

Immortals Overview

Immortals are the highest tier of the Factions. The goal of each faction, should a player choose to participate, is to eventually become an Immortal. All Shadow progress, aside from all the other buffs, will be the road to facing and eventually replacing the current Immortals. There are only 300 Immortals at a time. Anytime they are replaced, the reigning Shadow faction will take their place and will be permitted to take 2 other clans with them as Immortals. 

At the start of the game upon release, these Immortals are run by NPC, after their first defeat players will officially take their place with the goal to defend their position

The Immortals are tasked with protecting the Sanctuary and have been given great power to do so. The Shadows are the ones making sure the Immortals never become corrupt or complacent. 


Immortal Rewards

Immortals can acquire unique rewards during their reign

  • Crown Abilities
  • The Eternal Crown
  • Commendations
  • Immortal Cloaks


Crown Abiltities

  • Eternal Crown: The Immortal
  • Crown of Agony: Shadowbreaker
  • Crown of the Wind: Pathfinder
  • Crown of the Protection: Hand of Iron
  • Crown of Restoration: Hope's Dawn


Immortal and Shadow Lore, Notes & Tips 


  • The Unspoken: Akeba, daughter of Daedessa, founded the Shadows. Though she is long departed, her spirit is with us always . Touch the Everburning Fount, and let her wisdom mark you. 
  • The Immortals are tasked with protecting the Sanctuary and have been given great power to do so. The Shadows are the ones making sure the Immortals never become corrupt or complacent. 
  • Akeba: You think you have what it takes to walk this path? You must work unseen, hidden in darkness, as I once was. Always remember we all want the same thing: the protection and safety of the Sanctuary.  
  • We test the Immortals. we ensure they are worthy of the power they inherited.  
  • Cutscene: The dark burden given. And a hidden force created. One that could step up should the mightiest Immortal fail. The Shadows. Constant challenges to the would-be defenders of Sanctuary. They would test the Immortals, looking for weakness. Apathy. Led by Akeba, the Shadows would overthrow the Immortals when the time was right. But even in victory, she knew her watch had just begun. For this is an eternal cycle."


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