Glower of the Recluse

Rank 1 / Level 45





When an enemy is Blinded, Immobilized, or Stunned, your Sweep Attack deals 15% more damage.

Sweep Damage increased by 10%. (Awakened effect)

Legendary Gem Socket

Glower of the Recluse in Diablo Immortal is a Legendary Crusader Armor Item. Legendary Armor in Diablo Immortal has Legendary properties that are unique, and they can only be obtained by equipping that piece of Legendary Armor. Legendary Armor can be upgraded at the Blacksmith, and can also be socketed with Legendary Gems. Higher level Legendary Armor can be acquired by playing on harder Difficulty Modes, such as Hell 1 and Hell 2.


Glower of the Recluse Information

  • Legendary Armor Type: Crusader
  • Armor Slot: Head
  • Max Rank: 20
  • Attributes: Random


Where to find Glower of the Recluse

  • Glower of the Recluse can be acquired as a reward through completing daily or weekly objectives and by participating and completing the different events/activities featured in the game such as clearing out Dungeons, Bounties, Challenge Rifts, and more.
  • Glower of the Recluse can be possibly obtained through the Honor Merchant by trading Honor Currency. It can be seen from his general tab that there's One Mystery Legendary Item available per week that can be traded for 3000 Honor.
  • Glower of the Recluse can be possibly obtained through the Rarities and Antiquities Merchant by gambling. Players can only gamble for up to 20 times per day. It can be seen from his general tab that he offers The Mystery Primary Armor which has a 25 Daily Purchase Limit that contains a random piece of primary armor.


Builds That Use Glower of the Recluse

  • Build 1 goes here
  • Build 2 goes here
  • Build 3 goes here


Glower of the Recluse Notes & Tips

  • Notes on Glower of the Recluse go here
  • Tips on Glower of the Recluse go here
  • Glower of the Recluse changes per Rank



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