Trade in combinations of runes to obtain legendary gems from Seril, the Apprentice Jeweler, in Westmarch.

Fa in Diablo Immortal is a Rune. Runes are used by the player to craft Legendary Gems at the Apprentice Jeweler, and can be acquired from doing Elder Rifts or purchased with Fading Ember.



Fa Information

  • Makes Legendary Gems: Chained Death
  • Runes Needed for Each Legendary Gem: 15
  • fading_ember_iconFading Ember Cost: 200
  • Where to get Fa: Elder Rifts, Fading Ember Trader


Fa Notes & Tips

  • Notes on Fa go here
  • Tips on Fa go here
  • Fa changes per Rank



Ati  ♦  Bol  ♦  Dro  ♦  Ent  ♦  Lux  ♦  Nie  ♦  Ord  ♦  Pyr  ♦  Rae  ♦  Syl  ♦  Tyr  ♦  Urs  ♦  Vox  ♦  Weh



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