Destruction's End

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Recommended Level 35
Boss Baal
Zone Library of Zoltun Kulle

Destruction's End is a Dungeon in Diablo Immortal. The Destruction's End dungeon recommends a minimum level of 35. Players can re-run dungeons in Diablo Immortal on their own or with a party only if you've completed the dungeon for the first time and if it re-appears as an objective via Immortal Daily Quests, Bounty Board, and Shadow Contracts. Completing a dungeon yields rewards, such as Set Items.


Be wary inside that tomb. The old kingdom hid many terrible secrets. Ones that prefer to remain hidden. Secrets buried in the sands... Shrouded in darkness. Many an adventurer has attempted to retrieve the scepter. I don't need to explain what happened to them... do I? After all... the scepter is still buried in the sands.


Destruction's End Dungeon Information

  • Rewards 20 Battle Points
  • Dungeon Run Time: 3-5 minutes
  • Contains/Rewards XP, Gold, Mystery Equipment


Destruction's End Set Items Drops


Destruction's End Dungeon Overview

  • Destruction's End is the fourth dungeon players will encounter in Diablo Immortal, specifically by completing the story quest within the Library of Zoltun Kulle zone.
  • The entrance of the Destruction's End dungeon can be found at the top central section of the map in the Library of Zoltun Kulle zone. By entering the dungeon, you'll be accompanied by two NPCs, Zoltun Kulle and Tal Rasha as you hunt for Baal.
  • This dungeon offers low rewards, unlike other dungeons like the Tomb of Fahir or Forgotten Tower which contains treasure chests. Not the best dungeon to re-run if you are looking for XP, but if you are trying to look for specific set items that drop here, then you can do so from the bonus chest reward and boss drops.


Destruction's End Dungeon Objectives

  • Join Zoltun Kulle and Fight the Demon Army.
  • Reach Tal Rasha.
  • Help Tal Rasha defeat the demons.
  • Search for Baal.
  • Wait for Tal Rasha's Plan.
  • Follow Zoltun Kulle.
  • Talk to Zoltun Kulle.
  • Reach Tal Rasha quickly to earn a Bonus Chest.
  • Reach Tal Rasha quickly.
  • Defeat Baal.


Destruction's End Dungeon Walkthrough

Destruction's End is the fourth dungeon players will encounter in Diablo Immortal, it can be found when players are within the Library of Zoltun Kulle zone, nearing the end of the story quest. By entering the Destruction's End dungeon, you are tasked to locate and discover information on how to destroy the three Wordstone shards, Deckard Cain needs this to come up with a plan to stop Skarn and other threats from spreading destruction through the Sanctuary.

Encountered Mobs

  • Brood Lord
  • Fallen Grunt
  • Baal's Minion
  • Fallen Shaman
  • Demon Archer
  • Volatile Creeper
  • Stygian Mistress
  • Fallen Firestarter
  • Festering Appendages
  • Demon Assault Trooper

Breaking the Flame Walls

The Destruction's End dungeon in Diablo Immortal features one floor but it is divided into multiple sections that are blocked by a flaming wall. Your task is to clear each section to progress through the dungeon and reach the main boss, Baal. As you enter, move forward and a Horadrim Assistant standing by the barricade will speak to you, he will open the way for you so that you can join Zoltun Kulle and Tal Rasha who are fighting below. Jump down the cliff and you'll find Zoltun Kulle who is fighting the demon army, clear the area and continue forward with Zoltun Kulle to reach the next section to reach Tal Rasha.

As you move forward, you'll find another wall that's blocking the path ahead. You will need to clear out two waves of enemies to dispel the flame wall. Upon moving forward, you'll find Tal Rasha - together with Zoltun Kulle, kill the enemies and help Tal Rasha before moving on to the next section. You can complete this dungeon by playing Solo since you will be accompanied by two NPCs, just keep in mind that it is best to group enemies and use AoE skills so that you can damage multiple enemies at once. Keep moving straight along with Zoltun Kulle and Tal Rasha where you will have your first encounter with Baal.

Fighting Baal consists of two phases, the first encounter occurs after helping Tal Rasha, while the second is when you reach the end of the dungeon. For the first phase, Baal usually shoots a shockwave towards your direction, using a class that specializes in long-range will work here since you can attack him at a safe distance. On the other hand, if you specialize in melee attacks, repositioning yourself behind Baal is recommended. Another attack that Baal will use is conjuring a volley of projectiles that move slow and will follow you, if you see this quickly move away from it, and eventually, it will disappear on its own. Baal will also channel energy and shoot orange projectiles that spread out across the area, you can easily dodge this since it moves slow and you can stand in between it - you just need to clear out two of his HP nodes and he will move onto the next section of the map.

Find and Defeat Baal

After the first encounter, you will need to reach the end of the dungeon to find Baal. Follow Zoltun Kulle to the south section of the map and you'll run into another flame wall, speak to Zoltun Kulle and he will dispel the barrier. Continue forward and make haste, you will need to reach Tal Rasha within the 3:00 minute time limit if you want to acquire a bonus chest. Make sure you have your AoE attacks ready so that you can easily kill the two groups of enemies, there will be another firewall ahead, but Zoltun Kulle will remove it from your path. The next batch of enemies will be a bit tanky, so attack with all you've got, prioritize the regular enemies before you kill the Overseer - you'll be able to reach Tal Rasha beyond the last flame wall where you fought the Overseer and enemies.

If you make it in time before the timer reaches 0:00, you will gain a bonus treasure chest upon completing this dungeon. The section where Tal Rasha can be found in the last area of the dungeon where you will fight Baal and his minions. The arena will have some Festering Appendage enemies, so take these enemies out before shifting your focus towards Baal since this will remove the barrier around him. Just make sure you are away from Baal since it will trigger an AoE blast that damages, causes knockback, and stun for a brief moment if you are hit. Baal mostly uses the same attacks when you first encountered him, only this time, he will be using more AoE attacks that will stop you from trying to get near him.

Classes that specialize in ranged attacks will benefit in this battle since you can use your ranged skills to damage Baal while you maintain a safe distance from his AoE attacks and projectiles. If you are using a class that specializes in close-quarter combats, the best time to get in there is to attack him from behind and after he uses his AoE attacks. If you see orange circular nodes around Baal, make sure to move away from it and wait until he stops channeling it.

At some point, Baal will conjure a duplicate of himself and he will start to channel more projectiles which makes it even harder to dodge. Tal Rasha speaks and tells you to move towards his protective shield. Make sure to move in his direction to avoid getting hit by the fireballs. The shield will absorb most of the fireballs that volley from Baal, so if you are using ranged attacks, you can still continuously damage Baal while keeping yourself protected from the projectiles. The duplicate will eventually disappear from the battlefield so you don't need to focus too much on it, and just continue attacking Baal - you'll complete this dungeon by defeating Baal and you'll also receive the bonus treasure chest if you were able to reach Tal Rasha within the 3-minute time limit.


Destruction's End Notes and Tips

  • Destruction's End Other Notes, Tips, and Trivia.



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