Demon Hunter Armor in  Diablo Immortal have different qualities, from Normal, Magic, Rare, to Legendary, and their bonuses are determined by the Prefixes and Suffixes. Set items will not be in Diablo Immortal, so there is no need to worry about those.

Some Demon Hunter Armor can be further empowered using Gems if they have sockets. Rare and Legendary Armor can also be further upgraded through a new system called item ranks. Rare Armors drop at rank 0, and can be raised up to rank 5 by visiting the Blacksmith and spending the necessary crafting Materials. Each additional rank adds stats to the Armor. Legendary Armor can have a rank of up to 20, and they possess an additional benefit called Bonus Attributes.

You can also reforge your armor by using a Reforge Stone to fine-tune it for your build.



Demon Hunter Armor








Cowl of Absolute Punishment   179   Multishot damage increased by 10%. 1 Head
Cuirass of the Death Watch 5388     Strafe damage increased by 10%. 1 Torso
Chillwrath Mantle   179   Icy Path: Daring Swing now fires ice arrows at the ground, forming an icy path that continually damages and Chills. 1 Shoulder
Coff's Unrelenting Fury 1796     During Vengeance, each Primary attack launches 2 rockets that each deal 433 damage to a nearby target. 1 Leg
Ysil's Contained Destruction   179   Mortal: Sentry now fires mortars that explode to damage all enemies in an area. 1 Head
Heart of Vengeance 5388     Vengeance cooldown reduced by 15%. 1 Torso
Shadowstalker's Spaulders   179   Spinning Chakram maximum charges increased by 1. 1 Shoulder
Boundless Ingenuity   179   Increases maximum charges on Daring Swing by 1. 1 Head
Plate of Lethal Intent 5388     Knife Trap arming time reduced by 65%. 1 Torso
Inescapable Predator 1796     Frost Trap: Knife Trap becomes Frost Trap, damaging and Chilling enemies when it explodes. 1 Leg
Bladewings   179   Knife Trap maximum number active increased by 2. 1 Shoulder
Master Alchemist's Faulds 1796     Gas Bomb: Smoke Screen instead throws a gas bomb at a location, continually damaging all nearby enemies. 1 Leg
Petahm's Secret Arsenal 5388     Frozen Wind: Knockback Shot becomes empowered with frost, leaving a frozen trail in its path. 1 Torso
Hailstone Shoulders   179   Ice Storm: Rain of Vengeance becomes empowered with frost, damaging, and Chilling enemies. 1 Shoulder
Jayn's Silent Retribution 1796     All your attacks will be critical hits for a few seconds after Smoke Screen's concealment ends. 1 Leg
Helltrapper Cage 5388     Knife Trap damage increased by 10%. 1 Torso

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