Demon Gates

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Location Realm of Damnation

Demon Gates is a Zone Event in Diablo Immortal. Zone events are occurances that can be encountered in the different Locations and Zones of Diablo Immortal. These encounters reward players with additional drops such as equipment and Enchanted Dust when participating in an event. They can be randomly encountered or triggered by an interaction. Depending on the event, they may have a set schedule and occur regularly within the Zone. 


Demon Gates Event Information for Diablo Immortal

  • Event Location: Realm of Damnation
  • Event Conditions: Enter through the Demon Gates that appear around the zone


Demon Gates Rewards in Diablo Immortal

  • Encahnted Dust
  • Equipment


Demon Gates  Event Objectives

  • Clear the Demon Gates


Demon Gates Encountered Enemies

  • Demons
  • See: Realm of Damnation for all mobs and enemies that can be located in the zone.


Demon Gates Event Walkthough

These gates randomly spawn throughout the zone. Once they spawn, players will be notified and given the choice to enter. Clear the waves of demons either solo or in a party. Clear the are within the time limit and close the portal.  


Demon Gates Notes and Tips

  • Demon Gates Zone Diablo Immortal Notes, Tips, and other Trivia go here


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