Ancient Arena

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Location Bilefen

Ancient Arena is a Zone Event in Diablo Immortal. Zone events are occurances that can be encountered in the different Locations and Zones of Diablo Immortal. These encounters reward players with additional drops such as equipment and Enchanted Dust when participating in an event. They can be randomly encountered or triggered by an interaction. Depending on the event, they may have a set schedule and occur regularly within the Zone. 


Ancient Arena Event Information for Diablo Immortal

  • Event Location: Bilefen
  • Event Conditions: This event opens every 3 hours from 10:30 AM to 10:30 PM server time


Ancient Arena Rewards in Diablo Immortal

  • Legendary drop
  • Gold


Ancient Arena Event Objectives

  • Battle it Out
  • Open the Nephalem Chest


Ancient Arena Encountered Enemies

  • Reign
  • Misterk
  • Ancient Guardian
  • See: Bilefen for all mobs and enemies that can be located in the zone.


Ancient Arena Event Walkthough

Nephalem Guardian: Only the worthy may claim the Nephalem Cache. Prove yourself in the glory of battle!

When in Bilefen, a countdown for the Ancient Arena Battle appears on your side objective bar. Once it is active, a timer starts for the time left that the Battle will remain active. Diablo Immortal Ancient Arena opens up every 3 hours from 10:30 AM to 10:30 PM server time everyday, while open players can enter the Ancient Arena and when the events starts, all players can engage in free-for-all PvP combat. Defeated players will respawn outside the Ancient Arena and cannot re-enter until the event is complete. During the event, players can pick up Ancient Energy Orbs that increase their power.


Open the Nephalem Chest

The last player standing or around the area can open the Nephalem Cache in the center of the Ancient Arena, and then the event is over. Opening the chest requires 10 seconds without disruption. Successfully opening the chest will end the event. 

The Zone will also remind players whenever the Nephalem Cache has been refreshed. This means new rewards are to be won, the chest is resocked and can now be opened for the next event, and you may join the battle again. 


Ancient Arena Notes and Tips

  • Ancient Arena Zone Diablo Immortal Notes, Tips, and other Trivia go here


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